European cities dominate the top 10 in a global Urban Mobility Readiness Index

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European cities dominate the top 10 of a new worldwide Urban Mobility Readiness Index. The index ranks 60 major cities around the globe on how well they are positioned to deal with the urban mobility challenges that lie ahead. The Swedish capital Stockholm leads the overall ranking, with other European cities featuring in the top 10.

The 2021 Urban Mobility Readiness Index evaluates 60 cities across 57 key performance indicators covering five basic dimensions: infrastructure, social impact, market attractiveness, system efficiency, and innovation. In addition, a ‘Sustainability’ sub-index provides a separate analysis of a sub-set of 16 KPIs that focus on how cities are investing and organising to ensure that their urban mobility is sustainable. Rather than considering the status quo, the index gives extra weight to factors that capture a city’s ability to build urban mobility ecosystems that are capable of thriving in the future. The index was prepared by the University of California, Berkeley and the Oliver Wyman Forum.

+INFO: Eltis

+INFO: Eltis

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