Designing the Internet of Things: role for enterprise architects, IoT architects, or both?

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We have the still-emerging Internet of Things, a mishmash of dispersed devices, sensors, kiosks, and systems that everyone promises will make our lives such much cooler. Refrigerators will not only talk to grocery stores, but also to their manufacturers to let them know if any performance issues are cropping up. Cars are already starting to talk to their original manufacturers. Aircraft engines are also in direct contact their manufacturers to let them know what’s up — or what may not be going up.

Great use cases, but an architectural nightmare that calls for a new role to plan and piece it all together into a coherent and viable system. This may be someone in a relatively new role, an IoT architect, or expanding the current roles of enterprise architects. The need for architects of either stripe was recently explored in a Gartner eBook, which looked at the ingredients needed to ensure success with enterprise IoT.


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