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One day after Ho Chi Minh City loosened the distance to change the social status to a safe and flexible adaptation to the Covid-19 epidemic on October 2, 2021, teachers and students of the University Internationally under Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City received the news that their Nanoneem project won the top prize in the contest "Social Business Creation 2021 – Social Business Creation – SBC” in Canada.The global final round of the competition took place on October 2 with the competition of the top five SBC 2020 and the top five SBC 2021, which brought together 265 teams of 80 universities from 24 countries around the world. A special feature is that five finalist projects must compete with five projects of 2020, the competition; therefore, becomes more intense.Nanoneem is a research project on the production of plant protection drugs, applying nanotechnology to bring natural ingredients into a more stable and more permeable form, thereby improving the effectiveness of pest control. With herbal origin, Nanoneem aims at clean, safe, and environmentally friendly agriculture. Nanoneem introduces the application of nanotechnology to manufacturing safe plant protection drugs from herbs, toward clean and sustainable agriculture.



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