Change brings possibility: A new era of sustainable digital transformation

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As the pandemic redefined society, agility, digital preparedness and resiliency became the formula for a new era of sustainable digital transformation and resiliency, according to a new report from Kin + Carta.

The fifth annual 2021 Change Report presents a snapshot of how the world is changing, what this means for business leaders and the theme that change presents opportunity for the good of people, profit and planet, the U.K.-based global digital transformation advisory firm said.

It makes the case that organizations have begun democratizing data, which empowers people to do more with it.

"More accessible data by way of well-structured, well-managed warehouses and marketplaces means more options for people, more potential for projects, and more of a common language around internal processes and the ways data sets are used,” the report said.

+INFO: TechRepublic

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