Why England, despite its climate, is at risk of running out of water

Author | Elvira Esparza Despite recording the rainiest 18 months on record, England is facing a drought in the coming months. This is an unusual water volatility situation, characterized by alternating periods of drought and flooding. The problem for cities in the country is that rainwater is not stored appropriately. Consequently, the Environment Agency predicts […]

The role of innovative urban planning in preparing for post-disaster recovery

Author | Raquel C. Pico Over the past two centuries, cities have steadily grown in both population and economic influence, and this pattern is not going to stop in the 21st century. In fact, urban power is set to further solidify in the coming years. Based on estimates from UN-Habitat, by 2050, 68% of the […]

Brief history of artificial intelligence

Brief history of artificial intelligence 24

Can a machine think? This simple question hides a major scientific, historical and philosophical journey. Giving an exact answer is not devoid of a defining utopian and transformative passage of the human being through the Universe.

Cities that are generating more solar power globally

Author | Raquel C. Pico  Renewable energies are a cornerstone in the journey towards city sustainability. Without transitioning to clean energy sources and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, achieving the established sustainability goals that are essential for addressing the challenges of the climate emergency will be impossible. It is within this context that the […]

UrbanTech: The ecosystem of tech solutions that makes smart cities possible


This is a guest post by Lucía Bellocchio, founder and executive director of Trend Smart Cities. Lucía has extensive experience working on urban innovation, and has written in leading media outlets in South America like La Nación, El Observador, Clarín or TN. The urban world is in a process of constant transformation and evolution; a […]

What is self-healing concrete and how does it promise to revolutionize the field of construction

Author | Elvira Esparza Concrete is the most commonly used construction material, yet it also ranks among the most environmentally taxing substances. Self-healing concrete based on bioconstruction techniques, enables the material to repair itself, thereby preventing cracks from compromising the structural integrity of buildings. According to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the […]

How augmented reality can improve urban planning

Author | Raquel C. Pico For a long time, every adjustment and urban planning change in cities demanded a considerable amount of imagination. Those involved had to rely on a combination of mock-ups, technical drawings, and calculations to visualize potential interventions and assess their outcomes, although this approach was not always reliable. However, technology is […]

Biomimicry: Engineering and technology inspired by Nature

Author | Elvira Esparza The maxim “nature is wise” serves as the foundation for biomimicry, a methodology, and perhaps a philosophy, applied to engineering, which draws inspiration from the environment to enhance human activities, aiming for greater efficiency, resilience, and sustainability, whether applied to transporting people and goods or the construction of buildings. What is […]