Bad COVID Public Health Messaging Is Blocking Our Path To A “New Normal”

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The U.S. has no clear vision of how to reach a postpandemic world. Over the past two years, we have developed extraordinary scientific tools for the mitigation, treatment and prevention of COVID. But we’ve stumbled badly in implementing them. Many of these failures happened because our public health messages were not clear about how to use those tools, which include vaccines, masks, tests, antiviral drugs and temporary activity restrictions. The result is confusion among the public that has left us vulnerable to the disease and unable to respond to new and more transmissible variants such as BA.2 and its sublineages, which are infecting a rising number of people across the nation. America has already lost one million people during this pandemic. There may be future mutations that could be more lethal and highly contagious, and we are still woefully unprepared for them.

+INFO: Scientific American

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