Article Review: The Ideal Communist City

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angelo-zinna 06140113516Never have we read a more definitive article on the overreaches of the "new urbanism" anti-suburbia movement. The "new urbanism" of 2022 is simply the revival of an old scheme. Some may have thought we were exaggerating when we compared the extreme form of the movement to the housing policies of the Bolshevik era. The Ideal Communist City does just that and with justification.

"Victoria Fierce of the YIMBY pro-density lobby in California, for example, favours increasing urban density in part because it ‘promotes collectivism’. In some senses, the approach of some YIMBYs reflects the planning orthodoxy seen in the late Soviet Union. In the 1950s, Alexei Gutnov published The Ideal Communist City, which, while acknowledging the appeal of suburbia, rejected it as unsuitable for a society that prioritises equality and social control", the article states.

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