Are Suburbs the New Cities? Exploring the Future of Suburban Development in the United States

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Suburbs as we know them are changing forever. Partially exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic, residents are leaving cities in droves in search of more favorable living conditions where more space, privacy, and affordability offers what some consider to be a more comfortable lifestyle. But as time goes on, and development sprawls, it’s harder to tell where cities end and suburbs begin.

What was once seen as a slower way of life is seeing new developments and mixed-use centers that rethink density, walkability, sustainable impact, and diversity- all critical factors that are considered when planning some of the largest and most dense urban cores in the world. In 30 years will there even be such a thing as a suburb anymore? Or will these areas find a way to redevelop their own to become an extension of a city?

+INFO: ArchDaily

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