Actionable Strategy Enabling the Prague Smart City Future: Mobility of the Future, Digital and Connected Cities, Autonomous Mobility

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This study focuses on Prague as a smart city. It analyzes the city’s current state, key challenges, and government strategies and measures to overcome these issues and create a sustainable environment for driving future economic growth.

Rapid urbanization, outdated infrastructure, private vehicle density, and transportation-related emissions increasingly stress the urban mobility ecosystem. Cities worldwide respond to these changes by developing a more sustainable, seamless, and integrated transport system.

Cities also focus on building the necessary regulatory and infrastructure framework to support smart mobility systems. Driving future employment opportunities, developing equitable communities, and offering high living standards through efficient digital and connected services are other smart city focus areas.

Smart city initiatives are measured using parameters like autonomous readiness, digitization, new mobility solutions, logistics performance, sustainability, policy and regulatory framework, and transport landscape and vision.

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