A true smart city is powered by people

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One way to enable evidence-based decision-making by cities is to integrate physical and digital urban infrastructure, and identify usage patterns and emerging trends. However, as cities become increasingly digitised, as more technologies are integrated and more data is gathered, the way this process is managed becomes of increasing importance.

The use of urban data requires coordinated thinking. Over the past five years, a consortium of city authorities, businesses and academic partners have tested a range of smart technologies in cities across Europe, integrating a range of e-mobility solutions, deep energy building retrofits, smart street lighting and sustainable energy management systems, underpinned by urban data platforms. This work, part of the Sharing Cities programme, was shaped by engaging communities along the way, informing them about what was happening in each city, allowing them to share their challenges with city managers and service designers. As a result, the solutions were tailored and of greater value.

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