A Theme Park-Inspired Urban Design in Italy and a Floating Neighbourhood in Iran: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to Archdaily

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Urban design is increasingly striving for more inclusive, sustainable environments, bringing together various groups and activities, and fostering social interaction. This week’s curated selection of the Best Unbuilt Architecture focuses on urban designs, large-scale urban development projects and masterplans submitted by the ArchDaily Community, showcasing how architects around the world work with and shape the urban fabric of highly diverse environments.

From the transformation of a brownfield into a lively neighbourhood in the Czech Republic to the redevelopment of Bergamo’s city centre around new spatial and collective values, the following projects showcase the ideas shaping urban design, from functional diversity and notions of proximity to a focus on outdoor spaces. The common denominators of the following projects are their collective focus and the strong connection with the existing urban fabric.

Read on to discover 10 curated projects shaping the urban environment, along with their project descriptions from the architects.

+INFO: ArchDaily

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