5 Report Market Research Bundle on Smart Vehicle and City Integration

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One of the key technology convergence areas for the 2020s is smart cities and intelligent vehicles including human-controlled connected cars and trucks as well as partially and fully autonomous automobiles. Integration will include enterprise and industrial workplace integration, such as smart commercial buildings, as well as connected homes and the intelligent work-from-home ecosystem.

This research assesses the autonomous vehicle market including leading vendors, strategies, product, and service offerings. It evaluates autonomous vehicles by autonomy level, powertrain type, components, and supporting technologies. It also evaluates the impact of major technologies on autonomous vehicle markets such as 5G, AI, edge computing, IoT, data analytics, and smart building integration.

It also evaluates the V2X market including technologies, solutions, and major players. The report provides an analysis of market challenges, opportunities, and overall business outlook. V2X communications types covered in this report include V2V, V2I, V2H, V2N, V2D, V2P, V2G, and Vehicle-To-Cloud. It covers ADA types including On-Board and Embedded ADAS. The report includes detailed forecasts for the aforementioned market areas from 2021 to 2026.

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