Turning a year of pandemic into inclusive growth: 4 keys for cities

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In addition to the dramatic loss of human lives linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the health crisis is also having a clear impact on the global economic system. In the European Union, the socio-economic consequences of Covid-19 have been dramatic — Its GDP has fallen by 7’4% in 2020, while the unemployment rate, after a slight recovery in the third and fourth quarters of 2020, was still at 7’5% at the end of the year, a percentage point higher than a year before.

What lies before us as we head into recovery? The fight against this crisis must be viewed as a shared responsibility at all levels of government. We have an opportunity to establish solid alliances and take advantage of financial resources to move towards a digital era with a low-carbon and climate-resistant economy, improving the well-being of residents by supporting inclusive growth now and in the future.

In this new context, we have identified four areas of opportunity for cities to reach that horizon.

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