2022: cleaner, semi-autonomous and smarter mobility

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Then of course it is to be hoped that these new, safer cars can actually be delivered because the chip shortage in the sector will probably play out throughout 2022 and even beyond. The cars that can be delivered, however, will be electric on an even larger scale next year. The global market share of electric cars has been increasing by about 50% for years, and it will do so again in 2022. There will be a range of new electric models on the market. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Lightyear One, but there will be more notable appearances, such as the VW ID Buzz, the BMW i4, and a slew of electric pickups, including the Tesla Cybertruck. The latter clunky vehicle, of course, scoffs at all laws of traffic etiquette, but will nevertheless, or precisely because of that, become hugely popular.

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