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Smart Ports – Ports of the Future, Driving Cities Forward PlayIcon
Smart Ports – Ports of the Future, Driving Cities Forward
The gateway to the world in many of cities is through its ports. They prove to be a vital artery of trade, connection, and expansion for a city’s livelihood. As with many sectors of our society, the modernization of ports has led them to transform into Smart Ports. To talk with us today about how Smart Ports are impacting and evolving our cities is none other than Emma Cobos, the Director of Innovation and Business Strategy for the Port of Barcelona.
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Smart City Solutions by Codit
At Codit we want to make the world an even smarter place.  Before most, we realized that by creating intelligent cloud solutions that make the world's data work better, we help cities to evolve, and touch millions of lives across the globe.  With 200 people employed across our offices in Belgium, France, Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Malta and Luxembourg, we use leading Microsoft Azure Cloud Native technologies to put the world’s data to work. From the creation of data platforms that aid the development of smart cities, to solutions that push forward the production of renewable energy, Codit has been helping our customers to realize their ideals and to strive for a better, more forward-thinking world for over twenty years.
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