Mixed Consumer Sentiments And Behavioral Shifts Post COVID-19 Causing Transformation In Retail Sector

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The entire Indian Retail landscape seems to have been undergoing a tectonic and paradigm shift as COVID-19’s adverse effect has started impacting global economies with the onset of reduced demand and inevitable recession looming on financial horizon across the globe.

The prevalence of social distancing and lockdowns has laid huge challenges with substantial long term changes being the new normal for the industry on the whole as well as on the consumer behavior The Indian retail segment even though was functioning and adopting certain innovative changes, customers along with market penetration have always been a focal point to build sustainable strategy for business growths However, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole semantics have collapsed, where the entire retail segment has been estimated to push back 5 years’ time and has been forced to adopt and implement strategies that would create more sustainable businesses.

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