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AXIS Communications. Showcasing the evolution of video surveillance and IoT technology within public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.

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With experience from more than 6000 city projects, Axis will, together with an eco-system of partners, present a range of camera and IoT solutions that play a central role towards the vision of smart, safe and more sustainable cities.

Network cameras are central to so many solutions in cities today. While they are synonymous with video surveillance, Axis cameras have evolved far beyond video streaming capabilities and have become smart IoT sensors. By integrating edge computing and deep learning capabilities analytics into our cameras, city authorities have enhanced access to scene data, analytics, and even event flagging and automation, on top of high-quality surveillance video.

Smart City Expo World Congress is the perfect place for Axis, together with our partners, to demonstrate the joint value we provide to cities all around the world. This year we will have 15+ of our closest partners at the expo showcasing a broad range of solutions based on Axis technology with a particular focus on public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.

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Andrea Sorri
Andrea Sorri
Segment Development Manager, Smart Cities EMEA, Axis Communications

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