How Is Proptech Enhancing Real Estate In Cities?

From optimizing real estate to enhancing urban safety and sustainability, the digital innovations of Property Technology hold the key to creating more efficient and livable cities. But how can global metropolises successfully implement PropTech to boost the functionality, safety, and sustainability of their real estate? How can we reimagine the future of this sector in […]

Building New Forms of City Living

The use of cutting-edge technologies, paired with forward-thinking design philosophies, has the potential of creating more efficient, sustainable, and livable environments. Smart urban planning is not only about building infrastructures, it aims to craft holistic ecosystems that cater to the needs and aspirations of the diverse urban population. However, can the implementation of these advancements […]

Boosting Vibrant Cities Through Urban Strategies

Resilient urban planning has the potential to transform communities. Through long-term building renovation strategies, data analysis, and innovative technology, urban spaces can be reshaped, revitalizing declining neighborhoods and ensuring that everyone has equal access to services. However, can building upgrades and sustainable solutions converge to create vibrant and thriving cities?

Making Affordable and Sustainable Housing a Reality

Since the end of the pandemic, government priorities and housing options are evolving to meet the changing needs of urban communities. Housing policies and planning play a pivotal role in fostering healthier, dynamic, and inclusive neighborhoods, enhancing well-being for all residents. But how can local governance strike a balance between affordability, low-carbon housing, and the […]

The Future of Green Buildings

Buildings generate 40% of annual global carbon emissions. How can cities work with industry to deliver net zero roadmaps while still meeting demand for increased housing, urban services and infrastructure? Hear from city, industry and NGO leaders on the policies, partnerships and solutions which have begun to move the needle on this global issue.

Innovation in the Race Towards Net-Zero

Cities are envisioning a transformative future, where innovation seamlessly integrates with sustainable practices. Yet, finding the equilibrium between nurturing innovation and crafting a sustainable built environment, complete with decarbonized infrastructure and green building initiatives, presents challenges. Can the vision of net-zero cities materialize in this intricate landscape?

The Time For Climate-Positive Districts

How can climate-positive districts lead cities towards sustainability, resilience, and well-being? Greener districts are the first step towards creating thriving urban environments that prioritize resource efficiency, environmental stewardship, and a higher quality of life. How can design, circular economy principles, and sustainable technologies help create a brighter future for all?

Centering People in Smart Cities

Smart cities can have a tremendous positive impact on people’s lives, but only when people are at the centre of the development process. The panel ‘Centering People in Smart Cities’ will discuss how smart cities are engaging deeply with the needs of all residents and urban stakeholders through meaningful community participation, bridging the digital divide, […]