You can now listen to Tomorrow.Podcast, the podcast about smart cities
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You can now listen to Tomorrow.Podcast, the podcast about smart cities

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Author | M. Martínez Euklidiadas

More than half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, and seven in ten people are expected to do so by 2050, therefore, these urban settlements are key spaces in terms of building a civilization capable of tackling future challenges. To keep up-to-date with all the advances and challenges of cities, Tomorrow City has launched Tomorrow.Podcast.

What is Tomorrow.Podcast?

Tomorrow.Podcast is a space built on the idea of sharing ideas and perspectives regarding the problems and solutions that will shape the cities of tomorrow. A place in which to compile information related to the measures taken by town councils, communities of neighbors or companies around the world in order to address these types of issues.

To help us acquire this knowledge, the podcast will include experts in areas related to a heterogeneous yet interconnected range of subjects: architecture, sociology, environmental sustainability, mobility, energy, economic development, efficient waste management or urbanism, among many others.

The format of Tomorrow.Podcast

Guided by Areti Markopoulou, a PhD Architect and academic director at the IAAC in Barcelona, each episode of the Tomorrow.Podcast will last approximately half an hour, with the collaboration of prominent figures from the world of urbanism, environmental management, companies and the academy.

These knowledge pills will open each week with a specific challenge and, while the guests will respond to these challenges from their areas of expertise, listeners can also voice their opinions in the ‘Your voice matters’ section, designed to hear the general public’s views.

What will be discussed on the podcast

The core theme of the Tomorrow.Podcast will be the challenges, ventures and obstacles of smart cities, together with the problems they resolve as these environments are developed. This area will also include urban peripheries, an increasingly urbanized rural world, and larger regions of municipalities connected with one another in the form of a network (smart regions).

The five first episodes of this podcast about cities are:

  • 1×01 Are our cities more resilient than ever?
  • 1×02 Sustainable institutions and citizens are pushing for circular cities
  • 1×03 Reorganization of public space: who owns the streets?
  • 1×04 How sustainable is a city enclosed within four walls?
  • 1×05 New life for villages and suburbs: pandemics as a driving force of the urban exodus?

Where to listen to Tomorrow.Podcast

Tomorrow.Podcast will be broadcast each week on the official Tomorrow.City website, from which you can also subscribe using an email. As well as the above, it can also be listened to on video streaming platforms such as YouTube or on the iVoox audio streaming platform and Apple.

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