World Economic Forum. Centre for Urban Transformation

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World Economic Forum. Centre for Urban Transformation

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The Centre for Urban Transformation advances public-private collaboration in cities, enabling more resilient and future-ready communities and local economies.

And these five Coalitions:

  1. G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance: Accelerating the adoption of responsible technology for urban transformation goals.
  2. Davos Baukultur Alliance: Strengthening cities through better planning, design and construction.
  3. Global New Mobility Coalition: Accelerating safe, clean and inclusive transportation systems.
  4. Global Partnership for Local Investment: Driving collective action and shared investment to help transformation cities for the future.
  5. Alliance for Urban Innovation: Connecting innovators and entrepreneurs to new markets and opportunities.

Jeff Merritt
Jeff Merritt
Head of Centre for Urban Transformation World, World Economic Forum, San Francisco, United States of America


Anu Devi
Lead, Urban Transformation

Lisa Chamberlain
Communications Lead


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