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World Economic Forum. The New Urban Transformation Hub of the World Economic Forum

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Following the success of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance since 2019, the World Economic Forum is developing a new online hub for its content, alongside content from initiatives across the Forum’s global community, to provide a comprehensive set of tools and a community for city leaders and practitioners.

The Urban Transformation Hub will launch at Smart City Expo 2022, and will feature a digital assessment tool that allows city officers to identify the actions and resources they need to take to bring their city policies up to the benchmarks developed by the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance.

"Over the last few years, the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance has been able to guide dozens of cities towards better, more responsible, more sustainable technology governance. Now we want to go from dozens to hundreds. Our new Urban Transformation Hub will give cities around the world access to the expertise and resources tested by our pioneers. With these resources, every city can set the foundations for innovation and technology programmes that are sustainable, ethical and impactful."

Jeff Merritt, Head of Urban Transformation, World Economic Forum

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