Who needs Banksy? Mural of actor Michael Sheen claims top spot in new street art trail in Port Talbot, Wales

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Atlanta is encouraging community groups to use ‘tactical urbanism’ interventions to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety at the hyper-local level. As Jason Plautz describes in Smart Cities Dive, "Betty Smoot-Madison, mobility planning director for the Atlanta Department of Transportation, said the tactical urbanism projects are a ‘lower-cost and shorter-term’ way to meet the city’s overarching goal of ‘reimagining and re-engineering our roads around people.’"

‘Tactical urbanism’ refers to low-cost, temporary, infrastructure interventions by community organizations or other local actors that address street safety, walkability, and mobility issues. The updated guide adds six project options to the city’s 2020 tactical urbanism guide: "tactical slip lane closures, demonstration bike lanes, tactical bus stop enhancements, pedestrian space art and lane narrowing." The temporary projects could lead to permanent changes if successful, according to Smoot-Madison.


+ Info: The Art Newspaper

Image from [The Art Newspaper]((https://www.online-convert.com/es/result#j=8e8e911f-34e7-4d1c-a1f9-1d5ebdad47c2)