Insight on the Sustainable Gastronomy in the city

Content Pills #1: The multiple links between food, sustainability and cities

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In 2016, the UN General Assembly designated 18 June as the Sustainable Gastronomy Day.

Gastronomy is sometimes called the art of food. It can also refer to a style of cooking from a particular region. In other words, gastronomy often refers to local food and cuisine.

Sustainability is the idea that something (agriculture, fishing or even preparation of food) is done in a way that is not wasteful of our natural resources and can be continued into the future without being detrimental to our environment or health.

Sustainable gastronomy, therefore, means cuisine that takes into account where the ingredients are from, how the food is grown and how it gets to our markets and eventually to our plates.

Here you will find links related to resources on food sustainability and cities.

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Insight on the Sustainable Gastronomy in the city