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RACC Mobility Club: Working towards a sustainable mobility, consistent with the economic and social progress of the cities

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The RACC is an institution that offers coverage and high-quality services in order to care for the needs of more than 10 million people worldwide.As a Club of Services for Mobility, the RACC promotes a new, safer and more environment-friendly mobility culture, and encourages innovation by creating new products and services for all those who combine, today, all types of modes of transport, from cars to bicycles, scooters, public transport and shared transport.At the same time, the Club fosters research through the RACC Mobility Institute, the centre of knowledge and for the exchange of experiences that analyses the new mobility models and trends at international level. The aim of this business community, which is made-up of both public and private entities, is to create useful knowledge for multiple sectors that, nowadays, need information about the mobility of people and goods in order to optimise their activity and their business plans.


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Isabel Clos
Isabel Clos
Manager Programes Fundació RACC