Helsingborg to unveil world’s first cord-free electric car pool

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The Swedish city of Helsingborg is soon set to become the first place in the world to offer an electric car car-sharing service to its residents, where the vehicles will get power through a charging rail installed in the street.

Elonroad’s electric rail charger can be installed on all roads and charges both when the vehicle is driving and standing still. The first piece of that network will become the Rektorsgatan Street in Slottshöjden district, which is set to become a truly sustainable mobility hub as part of the Street Moves initiative.

This will bring about a major improvement in convenience for electric mobility users, who always need to be mindful and make sure that the vehicles are charged before returning them. What’s more, electric charging stations for cars are bulky and take up space in the urban environment and the introduction of this innovation is sure to free up more pedestrian space.


+ Info: The Mayor

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