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China Electronics Technology Digital & Smart Technology Co., Ltd., is engaged in providing integrated services such as consultancy, planning and digitalized solution for smart cities’ initiatives.

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On October 21, 2020, Shanghai city " Unified management of Shanghai by one network " internet of things operation center was officially opened in the China Electronics Technology Software Information Service Co., Ltd., marking that Shanghai’s city operation and management has entered a new stage in the comprehensive digital transformation.

Focusing on the construction of a shared, open and collaborative ecosystem, the operation center is committed to solving the problems of decentralized construction, inadequate operation and maintenance management, incomplete data and insufficient sharing. It integrates the efforts of the government and society to coordinate the orderly construction and intelligent operation of the city’s IOT sensing infrastructure, provides real-time perception data for city vital signs ( the city is just like a human being with several important vital sign), promotes the integration of IOT data, public data and social data, enriches the neuron system of city operation and management, better supports " Unified management of Shanghai by one network " and enables city operation and management.


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Wang Tianbao
Wang Tianbao
Deputy Director of Industry & International Business Cooperation Department