Billie Browne, SEYS: Use data as the basis for every decision

SEYS is a visionary company specializing in BIM, GIS, VR, digital twins, water solutions, and smart cities. Billie Browne, Innovyze Regional Manager, unravels the digital tapestry that is shaping the areas of architecture, engineering and construction.  

Emilio Vicente Yepes, Methanol Reformer: A solution to the hydrogen logistic disadvantages

Emilio Vicente Yepes is at the forefront of clean energy innovation. From Methanol, they are a driving force behind a transformative approach – Methanol to hydrogen to electricity. Their range of reactors is a testament to customization, meeting the unique needs of each project. Whether it’s low consumption or large volumes, their scalable products are […]

Graham Brown, Silicon Highway: People can access data they never had before

Graham Brown is a luminary in the realm of embedded technologies and design. As the designer and marketing director from Silicon Highway, he is at the helm of a European-centric distribution company that has been shaping the landscape of AI-embedded solutions since 1997. He joins us to shed light on Silicon Highway’s pivotal role in […]

Guilain Pedezert, Wattway: One of the building blocks of tomorrow’s energy mix

Wattway photovoltaic panels are one of the most innovative solutions for producing renewable energy locally by doubling up the function of traffic spaces to produce renewable energy. We talk with Guilain Pedezert, the International Business Director from Wattway, a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable urban solutions.

Jacco Saaman, SPIE: The key role of integrators in smart cities

SPIE is the leading independent European pure-player in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications. Jacco Saaman, Business Development & Innovation Director, is steering the course where technology and city development converge.

Smart Driving Challenge – powered by FIA

Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer and Deputy CEO from Greater than, and Asuka Ito, Sustainable Mobility Manager from Internationale de l’Automobile Federation, shed light on the innovative Smart Driving Challenge, where AI technology assesses driving in real-time, fostering safer and more eco-friendly journeys.

KS Kumar, Sutherland: The era of smart cities is upon us

Sutherland Global Services is leading the charge in introducing IoT-enabled services for energy and environment management, smart buildings, safety and security, sustainable urban logistics, and more. Learn how they seamlessly blend technology, sustainability, and safety.

Pablo Vidarte, Bioo: Generating electricity from nature

Bioo’s commitment to reshaping the landscape of sustainable technology is nothing short of extraordinary. CEO Pablo M. Vidarte Gordillo, acknowledge on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe, shows us how Bioo brings together nature and technology through innovative solutions.

How is the UK driving the smart urban revolution?

The dynamic collaboration of the UK’s finest, showcases seven extraordinary entities at the forefront of smart city development. Visionary minds behind these initiatives: Connected Places Catapult, Newcastle, Manchester, Wales, Sunderland, LOTI, and Hull University’s Oh Yes! Net Zero.