George Burciaga, U.S. Mayoral Roundtable: Connected City Game Changers

In November 2023, the U.S. Mayoral Roundtable, led by George Burciaga, was recognized at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona with the Governance and Economy Award, honoring his trailblazing work in the smart city sector. A Chicago visionary, Burciaga’s innovative strategies have addressed critical urban challenges in the United States, particularly those exacerbated […]

A New Era of Tech-empowered Cities

More than ever, cities are embracing the unstoppable evolution of emerging technologies. AI, IoT, smart infrastructure, data-driven design and advanced digital services are all converging to shape the cities of tomorrow. How is technology effectively unleashing opportunities for creating innovative urban ecosystems in the digital age? How can decision-makers envision an urban future where technology […]

Right to time: new rights for new times

The right to time has been defined as a new civic right for the 21st Century —increasing equality, sustainability, efficiency, and health in our societies. But what is it exactly? How does it relate with unpaid care or domestic work? How is it entangled with proximity? A panel of experts debate, during Time Use Week […]

From desert to oasis, Aramco introducing the future of living.

Addressing challenges such as rapid population growth, urbanization, water scarcity and a harsh and desert environment with, Aramco has revolutionized city governance in Dhahran using real-time data from inputs across city-wide sectors to produce accurate solutions and forecasting for the city. The Aramco created AI-powered platform used to do this in Dhahran is City Brain […]

Siemens. Technology to transform the everyday. Learn more about how Siemens accelerates the digital transformation of infrastructure to create smart, sustainable cities.

With the pressing need for resilient and sustainable infrastructure, Siemens has set out to shape an ecosystem that connects the real world with the digital world. By providing digital solutions, breakthrough technologies and financing, we’re empowering our customers to make their buildings, energy systems, and industrial processes more efficient and sustainable, while at the same […]

NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab by NOVA IMS

NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab is a network of people and organizations, promoted by NOVA IMS, representing the protagonists of the construction of smart cities and territories, which collaboratively develops a set of activities that aim to promote the creation and transfer of knowledge applied in the context of urban intelligence aiming to actively […]

Technology Tools Unlocking Smarter Buildings

As technology disrupts traditional building approaches, smarter buildings redefine urban living. 3D printing, AI, real-time data, digital twins, and sustainable materials drive the construction industry towards resource-efficient and user-centric projects. What are the potential and limitations of these cutting-edge solutions shaping smarter infrastructure and buildings? How can smart buildings contribute to resilient and sustainable urban […]

AI in City Planning: Who’s Included and Who’s Left Out?

Using AI technology to design flourishing cities requires proactive planning, informed by the foreseeable benefits and harms of each decision. This is possible when planners clearly understand AI “under the hood”, including how AI systems are developed, and the values at play throughout the development process. Towards this goal, this talk explains the basics of […]

Smart city ecosystems – the future of cities starts now.

PwC is committed to providing our clients with rich insights on the dramatic shifts underway in how human beings move around; build, power, and make things; and feed ourselves. It is a broad, bold, strategic perspective that empowers cities of the future to promote prosperity and sustainability. It’s also part of a bigger story of […]