From desert to oasis, Aramco introducing the future of living.

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Addressing challenges such as rapid population growth, urbanization, water scarcity and a harsh and desert environment with, Aramco has revolutionized city governance in Dhahran using real-time data from inputs across city-wide sectors to produce accurate solutions and forecasting for the city. The Aramco created AI-powered platform used to do this in Dhahran is City Brain – an intelligent command center and central hub for autonomous city operations. City Brain evolves with the needs of the city, integrating new data points to enhance existing services and innovate new ones.
City Brain serves as the main use case for an innovative approach – the innovative city governance platform that connects all sectors of urban living in Dhahran, including Energy & Environment, Infrastructure & Buildings, Living & Inclusion, Mobility, Safety & Resilience and Enabling Technologies. These Projects and their innovative characteristics, act as data inputs that feed into City Brain – continuously connecting and improving living experiences and governance in Dhahran. This connectivity synchronizes Dhahran’s efficiency, where data-driven decisions shape a future that harmonizes human comfort with environmental responsibility.