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AMB. Smart Metropolis. How to build-up a smart public organization on different critical areas

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The Metropolitan Barcelona Area, as a supra-municipal administration, plans its policies focusing on improving the quality of life, on making urban services more efficient and sustainable. We want to give special relevance to some areas that we consider more than critical, the management of the low emission zone, intelligent management of the network of parks and beaches, the need to act immediately in the transition to sustainable energy use by taking profit of the smartest fools available , how to promote the transformation of local industry and economic activity according to the principles of circular and green economy, and, last but not least, how to manage socioeconomic data and indicators at a municipal level to make the best decisions in critical situations such as Covid-19 pandemic.amb

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Martín Gullón
Martín Gullón
General Coordinator of Innovation and Infrastructures

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