How leisure and sports are shaping urbanism: the case of Singapore

Author | Raquel C. Pico When envisioning what constitutes a smart city or the characteristics that will define the cities of the future, people often imagine highly technological environments reminiscent of futuristic films. Aspects such as sports, nature, and leisure do not typically occupy prominent positions in these utopian visions. However, these elements are fundamental […]

Is it possible to create quieter trams?

Author | Lucía Burbano Despite being one of the most sustainable forms of transport, trams produce a bothersome squeaking noise when their metal wheels come into contact with the rails. This issue is significant enough to warrant serious consideration in urban planning. Although trams are eco-friendly in terms of emissions, they can be quite noisy. […]

Renewable energy generation: description, types and objectives

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Renewable energies play a vital role in sustainable development. Without them, it would be absolutely impossible to decarbonize human activities. Solar and wind energy systems stopped being ‘alternatives’ a long time ago, and they are now much more feasible than burning fuels.

Singapore’s secrets: The world’s only urban blue zone

Author | Raquel C. Pico One of humanity’s greatest achievements is the pursuit of longevity. Life expectancy has steadily increased due to advancements in healthcare, improved hygiene practices, and better nutrition. In the past, reaching one hundred years of age was a rare achievement attained by only a select few. Today, it is not as […]

How are cities combating sand storms?

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Cities near the equator have been experiencing sand storms for centuries, while, for the rest of the world they fall within the strategies of adapting to climate change. How are cities combating sand storms? Are they combating them at all?

E bike fires are on the rise, sparking a need for improved consumer education

Author | Elvira Esparza In 2023, electric bikes were responsible for 268 fires in New York City, resulting in the deaths of 18 people since 2021. This statistic is just one indication of the danger posed by electric bikes catching fire. More specifically, this statistic highlights the dangers associated with the lithium-ion batteries that power […]