Micaela Mantegna: Invisible regulations in the Metaverse and Generative AI

We were honored to have Micaela Mantegna in our midst, an acclaimed Video Game Lawyer, Activist, and Scholar affiliated with Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center. A TED Fellow and member of the WEF Future of the Metaverse Council, Micaela’s expertise spans AI and XR ethics. Her recent book, ‘ARTficial’: creativity, artificial intelligence, and copyright,’ released in […]

Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb: The big issue of overtourism

Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Airbnb, is a visionary entrepreneur leading the charge in reshaping how we experience hospitality in city life. With a sharp strategic mind, he has been instrumental in shaping the innovative strategies of this revolutionary company. His influence goes beyond mere accommodations; he’s actively transforming the way we […]

Claire O’Neill: Net zero is the new organizing principle for governments and businesses

As the Co-Chair of the Advisory Board at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Claire O’Neill’s influence extends from the global stage as the Former UK Minister for Energy & Clean Growth and COP26 President-Designate. In this conversation, we explore her insights and visions for a sustainable future, and we unravel the intricate threads […]

How Is Proptech Enhancing Real Estate In Cities?

From optimizing real estate to enhancing urban safety and sustainability, the digital innovations of Property Technology hold the key to creating more efficient and livable cities. But how can global metropolises successfully implement PropTech to boost the functionality, safety, and sustainability of their real estate? How can we reimagine the future of this sector in […]

Building New Forms of City Living

The use of cutting-edge technologies, paired with forward-thinking design philosophies, has the potential of creating more efficient, sustainable, and livable environments. Smart urban planning is not only about building infrastructures, it aims to craft holistic ecosystems that cater to the needs and aspirations of the diverse urban population. However, can the implementation of these advancements […]

Boosting Vibrant Cities Through Urban Strategies

Resilient urban planning has the potential to transform communities. Through long-term building renovation strategies, data analysis, and innovative technology, urban spaces can be reshaped, revitalizing declining neighborhoods and ensuring that everyone has equal access to services. However, can building upgrades and sustainable solutions converge to create vibrant and thriving cities?

Net-zero Infrastructure: Utopia or Feasible Reality?

Fighting climate change requires a holistic strategy that adapt cities to present and future challenges. In that sense, achieving net-zero infrastructure brings many opportunities, yet difficulties lie ahead. The latest trends suggest a global approach to decarbonization, spanning from design to deconstruction. How can greener infrastructures, encompassing carbon reduction and renewable energy, be made a […]